We Did It!

After nearly 10 years, we finally got married on Tuesday! It’s hard to believe that we met when I was 18 and he was 21. Now we’re both almost 30. Where has the time gone? I completely forgot to wear my earrings that I specifically bought to match my dress between the chaos of getting my hair and makeup done. It’s going to be around a month before we officially get our professional photos back and the suspense of seeing how they turned out is killing me! I wish we could have taken more photos ourselves at the beach but a lot of people started coming and they had another couple lined up behind us getting married.

Oh and by the way the sunset cruise on Monday didn’t go so great. There were no dolphins and apparently they hadn’t seen any in days. Snorkeling we will probably never attempt again. It’s pretty much a form of claustrophobia for us haha. I did last longer than Frankie did but the water was incredibly choppy so it was hard to even swim. I swam out maybe 15 feet and I was exhausted then water got in my ears and that did it for me. There were a few fish but other than that it looked like I was looking at the bottom of a murky lake. The tour ended with watching the sunset which was the best part of it.

Yesterday morning I felt so sick and I’m thinking it was because of dehydration. I almost passed out every time I stood up. I was insanely dizzy, nauseous and unable to even eat anything. After getting to Miami around 2:00 I was finally feeling better. We ended up getting home around 8:00 last night. The weather forecast was very large hail, damaging winds and the possibility of tornadoes. We were in panic mode getting home since my car was just totaled out like 3 weeks prior and we’ve had this new car for 2 weeks. We were driving everywhere trying to find a parking garage to keep the car at overnight. They had most of them closed off which I had never seen. Thank you guys for being so considerate! We ended up finding one close to home though attached to a building that was still under construction. Everyone else clearly had the same idea because it was nearly full. I’m hoping once this apartment lease is up that we’ll be able to get a house and actually have a garage to avoid this weather. But turns out, nothing happened. They predicted entirely wrong. It was nothing more than some brief heavy rain and lightning. I’m so exhausted. I feel like I haven’t slept much in the past two nights.

Best part of being home was the excitement on our kids faces when we walked through he door. Non stop hugs! Even our dog was beyond excited. (He literally peed like 10 times. We couldn’t touch him without him peeing.) We’re leaving tomorrow for San Antonio with Seaworld as our destination on Saturday. Can’t wait to be able to see the dolphins. At least they guarantee it! :).



Yesterday we found out that Fort Zachary Taylor Beach is the popular destination here in Key West for the beach. While the water still was not enjoyable for swimming due to the seaweed, it was more of what we were looking for. A good portion of the beach is sand but closer to the water it’s rocky which hurts! We spent our time there sunbathing and I feel like no amount of sunscreen seems to be able to protect me from the sun. I’m burnt and Frankie is perfectly tan. I’m jealous! To enter the beach, there is a fee. We paid $7 for entrance and it was okay to come and go throughout the day until sunset. We came back at that time to get a couple photos and then headed back to the hotel.

Earlier that day we had lunch at a restaurant called Pinchers and it was absolutely delicious. We chose to get conch fritters as our appetizer. I had a grouper sandwich and Frankie ordered the coconut shrimp. It was all cooked perfectly and I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re planning on visiting Key West.

We just got back from lunch today about an hour ago. We ended up settling at Mangoes with our original intention of going to Blue Heaven. The wait there was 45 minutes and we were starving so we walked down the road a little bit and found this place. Their menu isn’t huge but it was just a lunch menu so I’m assuming dinner offers other options. I had the turkey panini which was soooo good. I loved that they didn’t use typical thin deli meat and the bread was excellent as well. Frankie had the jerk chicken sandwich. It was good but nothing we were going crazy over. I think we need to stay away from the chicken sandwiches. That’s strike 2 of 2 on that!

Other than that, we were able to get our marriage license today. We’ll be getting married tomorrow morning. I have hair and makeup set to be here at 7:00AM and I’m not looking forward to getting up that early but at the same time I’m extremely excited to have that done. I’m terrible with doing my hair and makeup so it’ll be nice to actually have it done professionally for once.

Pure exhaustion has hit me at the moment and I’m trying my best to stay awake. We have to head out in the next hour for our cruise and snorkeling. A nap would have been nice… I’m honestly ready to go home. I can’t wait for Wednesday. I miss our kids and the comfort of being home even though I’m determined that this hotel bed is going to come home with us. I’ve never slept on a bed so comfortable and soft. Definitely going to miss it!

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Key West so Far

Hey Everyone!

Sorry it’s been a little bit since we’ve posted. We made it! Our flight connecting flight into Key West ended up taking longer due to a delay on their previous flight so we didn’t get to our hotel until after 8:00 on Friday when we were set to be here by 6:30. That was the longest, most stressful flying experience I’ve ever had.

We spent the majority of yesterday driving around the island to see what all is here. The one thing that we’re both highly disappointed in is the fact that there is no true beach here. Based on photos that we had seen prior to booking our wedding here, we had it in our heads that this was ultimate paradise but we’ve come to find that the beach is very small, there’s seaweed everywhere, including the water and all the beautiful blue water is probably at least a mile out from the beach. From the shore, the water reminds me of our weekend trips to Galveston especially in the past when the beach was covered in seaweed. The only difference is looking out in the distance, it’s beautiful here.

We’ve learned that the real hype of Key West is that it’s more of a party scene with bar hopping and the shops downtown as the main attraction. While we have checked it out, the prices are a bit outrageous with our budget right now and the parking fees seem to be costing us more than anything. We had to almost beg a guy to let us park for an hour in a 2 hour spot because we were only stopping to get something to eat at Sloppy Joe’s since it’s a “must see” attraction here. The parking alone for what ended up being 30 minutes was $10.00.

Sloppy Joe’s is the only restaurant that we’ve made it to so far and it wasn’t up to expectations either. I ordered the philly cheesesteak and it honestly was the worst one that I’ve ever had. Frankie’s chicken sandwich wasn’t anything extraordinary either. We get better quality chicken sandwiches at Chili’s There was nothing that set it apart from any other restaurant. With Frankie being a chef, we’re highly critical of restaurant cuisine. (Probably more so than the average person.) Other than that we’ve order pizza and taco bell to cut down on the cost of food.

We do have a dolphin cruise, snorkeling and sunset cruise that we booked for tomorrow so we’re pretty excited about that. It will be nice to actually get it the water plus I have an insane obsession with dolphins so I’m really hoping to be able to have a great experience with this excursion!

We’ll be heading out in a little bit to try and explore some more places around here. But overall, we’re pretty much kicking ourselves for choosing Key West over Hawaii to cut down on costs because in the end, we’re paying way more here than we expected. We could have booked a Sandals or Beaches resort cheaper and everything would have been included. We were looking into that as well but decided against it last minute too. I hate to be negative about Key West but it simply didn’t meet our expectations of the paradise destination that we were hoping for.

For people who are interested in bar hopping, fishing and water all the water sports that Key West has to offer, you won’t be disappointed. These activities just weren’t in our budget so we were relying on a beach to lay out on a go swimming in to cool down. It’s our fault for not planning accordingly and doing more research than simply looking at google images.

On the plus side, I’m starting to get tan and loosing weight as well. We’ve been walking around a lot so I can’t complain there. Getting that exercise in!


What do you do on your lunch break? Starting Monday my co-workers and I started walking during our lunch break. What started out as all four of us has now turned into just me walking today. We did 2 miles Monday, 1 mile yesterday due to a shortened lunch minus one of us and today “it’s too windy” was the excuse that they all backed out. I did 2 miles on my own. I’ve been guilty of using “I don’t have time to work out” as an excuse and I’m sure at least 90% of us are all guilty of the same thing. I may not have time at home but that doesn’t mean I should waste extra time I have at work to be lazy. Get motivated and stay motivated 💪. It may be windy and hot (90 degrees) but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals. Keep it up and never lose determination!

Please excuse the photo of me, the sun was too bright and I couldn’t see! Just thought I’d share for a bit of motivation. Black scrubs, heat and windy. I’m sweating!

2 More Days!

Sneak peek of my dress 🙂

I can’t believe we are just two more days away from flying out to Key West and getting married in six more days. These past couple months have flown by so incredibly fast and I’m hoping that time will basically stand still while we’re there. Frankie and I have been through so much over the past ten years and been to some of the lowest possible points in life yet we’ve always managed to stay strong even while we were at our weakest.

When we initially started planning our wedding it was honestly late last year. We were dead set on going to Hawaii. That was my dream and deciding against going there absolutely crushed me. The cost is what set us back and we realized as much of a dream as it would have been, it wouldn’t be a smart move on us financially. Frankie and I are eloping. We’ve never had much of a support system family wise and friends have come and gone throughout the years. We’ve constantly been growing as a couple trying to become the best us and it seems like everyone else didn’t have that same mindset. The only family I honestly have is my mom and she has never been a supportive person in my life. My father passed away when I was 13 and she became more of a bitter person than she already was. I’ve been taking care of myself since I started working when I was 17. Frankie was his own support system even younger than I was. We realized we can’t rely on anyone else to chase our dreams for us. We need to go out and get them ourselves. We’ve always made it through even when we doubted ourselves. Well, mostly me. I’m the pessimistic one here. I’m trying though!

We opted not to take our kids or have an actual wedding because this is for us. This is our time that we deserve. As a couple, in the past ten years of our relationship, we’ve never been anywhere together. We’ve taken a day trip to Colorado for a job interview and turned right back around the next day. We did manage to sneak in hike in the Rockies and explore downtown Denver and that was the best experience we’ve ever had. I played hooky at work and ended up getting in trouble for that, thank you co-worker who was suppose to have my back! Yeah, that was fun. Totally worth it! 😛 Other than that Galveston has been our go to for weekend trips but the brown water just isn’t calling my name anymore.

I’m beyond excited for this but the thought of having to deal with travel stress and packing has got me on edge but I’m definitely welcoming this new adventure!

We’ll be posting lots of pictures in the next week! Follow us on IG: thefoodieandbeauty

Fun at Candytopia!

Today we went to Candytopia. A pop up art exhibit that just opened up in Dallas. We had a great time and it took little over an hour for us to get through all the rooms and there was free candy! I may have overstuffed my purse just a little bit. If I had known, I would have brought something just a tad bit bigger! 🙂 Each room had it’s own theme and were really detailed. It’s hard to believe that a lot of the decor they had was made of candy. It was pretty impressive!

Hi There!

My name is Jade and my soon to be hubby is Frankie. We’re pretty ordinary people (or so we’d like to think!) just trying to make it through this roller coaster of a life we have. I work as a treatment coordinator for an oral surgeon’s office and Frankie is a chef. We’ve been together going on 10 years now and will be getting married in Key West in about a week! We’re leaving this Friday, just the two of us and I’m beyond excited. We’ve had a rocky road financially since we met and it still seems to continue in waves. Everything gets better for a moment and then it’s like a tornado hits and destroys all the progress we made. On a positive note, we’ve always made the best out of it and have managed to get through all the struggles that we come across. Within the past 6 months, I was diagnosed with a blood clot and put on blood thinners for 3.5 months (I was 27 at the time. Thank you birth control!), Frankie quit his job due to a hostile work environment to which the company did nothing about and my car was totaled out after a random unannounced storm produced an ungodly amount of hail about 2 weeks ago. I was able to get a new car but it was hard having my old one taken away. I will always be thankful and proud of the life that we currently have. Both of us have basically come from nothing and have worked hard to make something of ourselves. From minimum wages jobs in the beginning and being young parents who didn’t have much support by our families to Frankie becoming an Executive Chef. We’ve grown and made more progress these past years than we ever imagined for ourselves.

We have two kids; a daughter and a son who are absolutely amazing yet make you want to pull your hair out nearly every minute of the day. Oh and puppy on top of that which doesn’t entirely help the situation! I don’t think we’ve ever witnessed more screaming and crying than we do now. Between the dog who I swear thinks he’s a human to our 7 going on 17 year old daughter and her mood swings to our 3 year old who wants to be Spider-man and jump off of everything in sight, it can get pretty chaotic. I’m sure most parents can relate!

We’ll be taking you guys along on our journey including our trip to Key West and all our adventures that will follow. Stay tuned!!